A Journey Through Brands and Cultures....

With twenty years of experience in senior sales, retail leadership, business development, and brand management across international markets, I have proudly led teams and brands from inception to growth with my unique approach. My career journey includes firsthand experience in transitioning from privately owned to corporate enterprises, encompassing franchise business models. I am dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized startup enterprises in realizing their potential within the Fashion & Footwear, Health & Beauty, Hospitality, and Real Estate sectors.

As a seasoned strategist, I collaborate closely with businesses to craft effective plans that elevate the bar for excellence. This includes optimizing sales, operations, branding, and marketing to establish a unified and impactful market presence. My approach transcends typical tactics; it breathes vitality into each business, capturing the very essence of the brand and nurturing profound connections with a diverse clientele.

The ultimate objective is achieving success, and with my adept guidance and expertise, every brand possesses the potential to unlock its true capabilities within Dubai's thriving landscape. Together, we embark on a journey marked by growth, innovation, and remarkable accomplishments, creating a lasting legacy for each enterprise I advise. Designing environments that entice clients to immerse themselves in the unfolding narrative is a refined art—one that seamlessly extends its captivating allure between tangible brick-and-mortar establishments and the expansive digital realm online.

Dina Psiharis | Founder of Maison Psiharis
"Human Connections: The Heartbeat of Life"


Business Consulting | Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality

Experience The Senses
Real Estate
Personal Branding
Food & Beverage


Brand REVIVAL (people, store, service)

- In-depth analysis of your brand's current market position
- Customized store branding & visual merchandising solutions
- E-commerce website branding, LOOK AND FEEL
- Seasonal promotional campaign planning
- Customer loyalty program setup
-Client Experience: Enhancing with EQ Training for Sales Teams
-the secrets of team chemistry (Masterclass for Store leaders)

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Real Estate | BROKERage & agents
Market Expansion & Top talent

- Team morale assessment and action plan
- Agent Training in Customer Relationship Management
- Sales & negotiation skill development workshops
-how to brand your brand by branding the agent
- Virtual property viewing & sales strategy implementation
- Employee recognition for exceptional agents

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Elevating your Guest EXPERIENCE

- Crafting the Guest Journey with a Focus on Engaging the Five Senses
-Gathering and Analyzing Valuable Guest Feedback
- employee training excellence & guest satisfaction
- Attending to the Finest Details with Custom Amenities
- Creating Distinctive Local Experiences to Delight YOur Guests
- Meaningful Human Connections via Tailored Training for Sales Teams and Leaders

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